As Congress nears an agreement on budget reconciliation legislation, PCCA Chairman Bob Breeden, ElectriCom, Inc., sent a letter to congressional leaders on October 26 reiterating the association's support for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act while also strongly objecting to many of the provisions in the framework of the Build Back Better budget reconciliation package.

"America’s infrastructure clearly needs to be refurbished, repaired, and in many cases rebuilt. The IIJA would take needed steps toward that goal, and PCCA fully supports that legislation," Breeden said. "However, if the Build Back Better framework was passed as currently proposed, all the goals of the IIJA will be unquestionably compromised, and the impacts will devastate an already challenged construction industry. PCCA strongly encourages the House to pass IIJA as soon as possible, and to reconsider the harmful provisions of the Build Back Better legislation before voting on the overzealous provisions included in that legislation that have little to do with American infrastructure."