Fluharty JohnStarting as a coating applicator for Northwood's Constructors in 1980, John Fluharty has worked a wide variety of positions in the communications, power, and pipeline construction industries. You name it, John's done it: equipment operator, warehouse manager, purchasing agent, construction superintendent, field supervisor, manager of construction services, corporate sales, and eventually senior level management.

John is also a tireless advocate for the utility construction industry and serves on numerous industry boards and executive committees:

• Power & Communication Contractors Association: all officer positions, including Chairman in 2020, Board member, Chair of the Government & Industry Affairs Committee/ Advisory Board Member

• American Pipeline Contractors Association: Past President, Advisory Board member

• Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative: all officer positions, including 2023-2024 President

• Common Ground Alliance: Past Secretary and Vice Chair, Chair in 2024, member of Executive Committee, and Chair of the Governance Committee

• INGAA FoundationFluharty1

When introducing John for Hall of Fame induction, PCCA President & CEO Tim Wagner talked about his powerful work ethic and his brilliant planning. "When I think about John, hard worker is the first thing that comes to mind. In addition, John is a strategic thinker. He’s passionate about our industry, our association, his co-workers, and his family. His passion and hard work have had a profound effect on PCCA and its members. PCCA is a successful and respected organization in large part because of John Fluharty’s hard work, strategic thinking, and passion."

Wagner spoke about having John as PCCA President in 2020 during the Covid pandemic: "2020 was a scary year for an association CEO. It was a year that could easily have destroyed PCCA, but instead the association grew much stronger through John’s leadership."

He said that over the last 15 years, John Fluharty was a driving force behind:

• The success of PCCA's government affairs program, including beneficial relationships with federal agencies, legislative offices, and industry allies

• PCCA's increased involvement in the Common Ground Alliance, where he has held several leadership positions and has greatly benefited the excavator community and CGA 

• The acquisition of the Golf Shovel Association by CGA 

• The formation of the Infrastructure Protection Coalition and the development of the 811 Emergency damage prevention study

"In my 23 years with PCCA," Wagner continued, "I cannot think of another member who has spent more time on PCCA business and been more instrumental in PCCA's success and standing in the construction industry."