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dignity act press conference banner 2 minMay 25, 2023 - Reps. María Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.) and Veronica Escobar (D-Tex.) introduced an updated version of the Dignity Act this week to address our nation’s broken immigration system. The Power & Communication Association and its members fully support this legislation as a strong yet fair way to address the critical worker shortage that significantly impedes our industry and the American economy.

"PCCA members work every day to close the digital divide and strengthen America's power grid, but we desperately need workers to finish the job," PCCA Chairman Ed Campbell, Quanta Services, said. "The Dignity Act is a well-balanced, common-sense approach that addresses all the immigration challenges. It tackles the workforce issue while also investing billions in border security measures, overhauling our failed asylum processes, and improving the legal immigration system."

"Moving immigration reform in our current political climate is certainly a daunting task, and I commend Rep. Salazar and Rep. Escobar for their courage and resolve. PCCA members have their back on this issue and pledge to support them throughout the legislative process because we know it's right for our industry, it's fair to law-abiding immigrants, and it's good for America."

The Dignity Act consists of four core principles:

1. Stopping illegal immigration,

2. Providing a dignified solution for undocumented immigrants living in America,

3. Strengthening the American workforce and economy, and

4. Ensuring the United States remain prosperous and competitive in the future.

“Our broken immigration system is frustrating Americans, causing people to suffer, and fracturing our country—economically, morally, socially, and politically. A solution is long overdue,” Rep. Salazar said. “I am proud to introduce the new and improved, bipartisan Dignity Act. This bill gives dignity to the border agents who need support, the job creators who need employees, the American people who need secure borders, and those who currently live in the shadows.”

PCCA members are committed to being a driving force behind moving a tough yet fair immigration bill in this Congress. We have met with Rep. Salazar and her staff to pledge our support and are now reaching out to other legislators and our industry allies to bring them on board.

"The simple fact is the birth rate in our country has been below sustainable levels since 1973, and this is showing itself in our workforce now more than ever. Every contractor I know of has unfilled positions, and I see this in many other industries as well. Lack of labor is holding back economic growth," PCCA Past Chairman Jerrod Henschel, Equix, Inc., said. 

"Meanwhile, there are millions of really good, hard-working people trying to enter this country that want an opportunity at the American dream. What’s been happening at the Mexican border is a travesty. We need a balanced approach—control the border to prevent trafficking and all forms of illegal activity, while at the same time instituting real immigration reform that allows good, hard-working people a legal way to enter the country, become taxpayers, and pursue their dreams."  

PCCA represents contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers who build and repair America’s power and communication infrastructure throughout North America, including broadband and electric transmission, distribution, and substation facilities.

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