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OSHA Hurricane Preparedness & Response Information

OSHA has a wealth of technical resources and products that contain critical safety and health information on expected hazards for cleanup and recovery workers including the OSHA Hurricane Preparedness, Response, and Recovery webpage and the OSHA Flood Preparedness, Response, and Recovery webpage

To make it easier to find information by hazard or topic, OSHA has consolidated the key resources related to worker safety and health hazards and protective measures on these webpages and in the attached resource list.  In addition, the Secretary of Labor and OSHA have recorded audio public service announcements that are available on the DOL Hurricane Recovery Assistance Page.

Keeping Workers Safe during Hurricane Cleanup and Recovery Fact Sheet
• English (FS-3698): PDF
• Spanish (FS-3699): PDF
Heat Stress QuickCard
• English (3154): PDF
• Spanish (3417): PDF
• Vietnamese (3389): PDF
Disaster Cleanup and Recovery PPE Matrix
• English (FS-3898): PDF
• Spanish (FS-3899): PDF
Mold Hazards during Disaster Cleanup
• English (FS-3713): HTML & PDF
• Spanish (FS-3901): PDF

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